The name of my next book is…

So, this is what it feels like to be used by God. 23/10/22

Dear Cheryl,

Lights, camera, ICON.

I felt blessed when I released my first book, The Devotional Cheat Code. A comment by my friend (aka, my forever and always), Emmah, on an Instagram post where I expressed how writing had gone beyond talent to become a spiritual experience for me courtesy of the Holy Spirit, said: ‘You’re an icon babyy.’

There were many other comments that day, but that comment has remained with me. I don’t know why and I may not be able to explain it, but I had to have that out…

It feels good to write for God. So good. This second book, which I will soon release, was the first book I ever wrote. When I think about it, it’s giving Jacob and Esau vibes because how did I end up releasing The Devotional Cheat Code first? Feels like cheating, lol.

But it was more of a bargain thing between Abba and me. I wanted to be an author by my birthday this year, and when the Holy Spirit told me to leave this initial book to marinate because it was not ready yet. I obeyed with sadness.

Then one night, home alone, I was randomly making notes in my journal and came across a project that I had stalled for the longest time to do. As I started jotting some ideas on how to finish it up, God let me know that it would be my first published book. It was crazy! Especially because by the time I announced the preorder, the book was not even complete yet. Don’t tell anyone! 😂

So, yes, God made my dream come through this year, and it was a win-win situation. And now that my Esau (lol) is about to come into her inheritance, I am very grateful that God made me a part of His plan and purpose. It’s an honour to partner with God for the salvation of men and the growth of men in Christ. He taught me a lot through my experiences with self-publishing my first book, and even though I’d rather convulse violently than self-publish in that manner again, it taught me invaluable lessons that I would not have learnt otherwise.

It may come across as easy, Cheryl, but one this writing has taught me is humility and my ability to be very, very wrong. It literally felt like a slap on my face when my editor was going through my book, and I realised I had gotten many Scriptural quotations and context usage wrong. It hurt, but I am healing! 🤭

[tweet] It taught me that just because God sends you and puts His works into your hands does not make you all-knowing or wise. It helps to have people around you correct you when you stray. It takes humility to see corrections as the mercy of God. [/tweet]

I pray about this book a lot. I don’t take it for granted that people bet on me with my first book and trusted me enough to buy from a first-time author. God marketed that book for me, and it was mind-blowing. But more than ever, I pray because I want to take the work of God even more seriously. I want to put not just my strength and effort and money but everything else that is required into this.

I have come to know that I do not care much for my ego when it comes to the matter of souls. I hope to care less; all that matters to me is that people read this book and have their eyes open to the truth of God. Oh, that knowledge is such beautiful power.

It takes a village to raise a child. I see my books as my children and treat them as such. My dad and family have prayed, and my friends have also prayed. I have put as much as possible into this book and will put even more as God gives. This is a season of birthing for me.

The name of my next book is… (drumroll please)All you have to be is LIGHT 💡

More details are coming soon. In the coming days, I’ll be sharing as much as I can with you about this new book and why it’s a must-read for every Christian, particularly; new believers. I have discovered that I have a soft spot for those who are just starting to discover how cool Papa is. I want the babies to mature. I want the young to grow. It’s my deepest desire that those who used to struggle to find their feet become rooted and can lead hundreds and even thousands of others to the Faith. This is where my ministry lies. May God continue to strengthen me in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

And, omg, you need to see the book cover! I fell in love with it at first sight, and so will you, I promise. Cover reveal coming soon! 😉

Update – The cover has been revealed along with other juicy deets on this book 🤭. Click HERE to learn more and join the waitlist for 20% off.

Cheers to the second of many books 🥂

Later Cheryl,
God’s biro
Maranatha. ✍️

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