Join the Waitlist: All you have to be is Light

All you have to be is Light is a book that gets rid of common Christian stereotypes and connects personal/character development to the spread of the Gospel. 

The truth is, many believers have a shallow idea of who they are and their power and authority to impact this world for God. This, in turn, affects how they spread (or do not spread) the Gospel. This book solves this problem by highlighting how personal and character development helps Christians spread the Gospel. 

By exploring the theme ‘The Disconnect,’ a major hindrance to evangelism and a common phenomenon in the lives of many believers that involves bringing certain aspects of their lives to God and shielding the other parts from Him, the book – as a final solution – connects the dots while laying out practical guidelines on evangelism that actually work—replete with the author’s real-life experiences. 

“All You Have To Be Is Light” is a book that answers questions such as, ‘Why do I have to look good as a Christian?’ ‘Why do I have to speak well or exercise?’ ‘Why do I have to take care of myself properly?’ as well as ‘I want to tell someone about Jesus. Where do I start from?’ ‘How do I find or align my purpose in this world with the Gospel?’ ‘Isn’t evangelism only meant for people like Pastors or Prophets?’ ‘Why do I even have to share the Gospel as a Christian?’ ‘How do I bring every aspect of my life to God?’ 

With this book, you will learn how to share Jesus with everyone around you by living up to your true potential. In the end, you do not have to be tall or short, shockingly handsome or plain Jane, charismatic or conservative – no, all you have to be is Light. The kind God has called you to be; when your Light shines, men will find their way to God through you.

All You Have To Be Is Light is a must-read for every new believer.

January 2023