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Do you struggle with consistency in your devotion? Is your Bible study and prayer life like an on and off streak on Duo Lingo? That is about to change.

Your relationship with God should not be something that you should compromise on; it’s true that life can get busy but how busy can you be when it comes to the One who is the reason you have a life in the first place?

Don’t look at me like that, okay? I am not here to judge you, I am here to help. The Devotional Cheat Code contains 7 ‘cheats’ that have helped me stay consistent in my daily fellowship with God, come rain or shine. It will help you too!

There are five kinds of people who need this book:

1. Christians who struggle with being consistent in devotion i.e Bible study and prayer
2. Christians who cannot seem to find the right time in their schedule to actually do devotion
3. Christians who do not know where to start from in devotion
4. Christians whose devotional lives have become tedious or boring
5. Christians who believe they have hacked consistency: You might just learn even better ways to serve God.


The Devotional Cheat Code is split into three parts:

Part I is an introduction to devotion and proper clarification on why it is so important for every Christian;

Part II contains the 7 “cheats” which will be the game changer in your devotional life;

Part III concludes with helpful resources from the Bible study template to help you create your personal devotional schedule as well as a handful of other resources that will grow and root you spiritually while rekindling your desire for God.

By abiding by the ‘cheats’ in this book as well as many other tips from my personal consistency journey, you will realize that there is so much more to being a Christian and your consistent fellowship with God is all it takes to unlock the deep intimacy that you desire with your Father.

Are you ready? I am ready, not just for you to buy this book but for your testimonies afterward. As Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the king’s meat, you must purpose in your heart that God is truly all that matters in your life and act accordingly. May you burn for Him as the Spirit opens your eyes to His truth on these pages. I am praying for you, always.

N.B – If you are buying more than a copy, please send the details (name and email) of each person to thedevotionalcheatcode@gmail.com. You will receive clear instructions after your purchase.

God bless you ❤🕊

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August 2022