Fasting Day 01 – Let’s go!

I bring you good tidings from the Most High.

It’s Day 02 of the fast as I write this. Today, I told myself that no matter what happened I would publish a post here. For you. I must. So I wrote on a piece of paper as I made a work call that by 7 to 9pm, I would make a post. I did not know what to talk or write about.

Then as I prayed with the rest of my local assembly to break the fast, the idea popped up in my head to do a series for everyday of my fast. My soul said yes! And here we are. I’m doing this to encourage every other person who is fasting and share the valuable gems I will gather from my fast everyday.

Fasting is an invaluable weapon for every Christian. But I will just start from Day 1 and let each day bring you in on what I am learning as I fast being led by the Spirit.

DAY 01

When my friend informed me that my church, Celebration Church International (CCI), would be having a fast from the 17th of January till the end of the month, I thought to myself, ‘Well it’s about time!’

And here’s why – It’s been ages since I fasted, specifically August / September. To save myself embarrassment, I will not classify the ‘hunger strike’ I performed when my dad announced the mandatory three day fasting at the end of 2021. Oops, I just did.

But yes, I am happy. So today I begin the fast. It’s Monday and I wake up late because I slept late the previous day. As I pray, I ask God to take control of the fast and keep temptations far from me during the fast because while my spirit is willing, my flesh is already looking forward to the jollof rice my mother intends to cook. Wiun.

The day is fast. I sleep to recover from my night vigil and do some work when I wake up. The highlight of my day is the 6PM prayers on YouTube Live with my church. This worship song sticks to my heart:

God is fighting for us, God is on our side
We have overcome, yes, we have overcome
We will not be shaken, we will not be moved
Jesus, You are here!

The energy I feel transcends screens and the virtual space and as I pray, I know in my spirit that this experience will change my life. Pastor T. gives 4 reasons why we need to pray ceaselessly and I jot them down:

1, Because surely, there is temptation before us and prayer is our shield. Matthew 26:41
2. Because the devil wants to sift you like wheat. Luke 22:31
3. Because a time will come when it’ll be too late. Matthew 26: 45-47
4. Fervent prayers makes power available for you. James 5:16
5. Prayer helps you partner with God to see prophecies fulfilled. 2 Timothy 1:6

As I pray, I get a leading on a project that I have not been able to put a finger on how to execute. Now it makes sense to me how it will work out. I praise God in my spirit. Answers are coming already!

A prayer point I hold so tenderly to my heart is this prayer that I want to leave with you:

That your love will grow more and more, especially in these last days when the love of men are waxing colder everyday (Phillipians 1:9; Matthew 24:12).

Here is the link for Day 01 of the fast – I hope you can join us tomorrow because there is a miracle for you too.

Shalom ♥🕊✨

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  1. […] as I pray, I get the idea to document my fasting journey for you (you can read Day 01 of my fasting here). God really answers prayers, I mean just this afternoon I really wanted to publish something here […]

  2. Mandss zara avatar

    It’s how detailed your writing it is for me 😁

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