My library

Hi, I’m Maranatha, but you can call me God’s biro. When God speaks, I piece together words that help believers retain Jesus in their hearts. Here’s a display of some books God has enabled me to write.

The Devotional Cheat Code

Do you struggle with consistency in your devotion? Is your Bible study and prayer life like an on-and-off streak on Duo Lingo? That is about to change.

All you have to be is Light

This book gets rid of common Christian stereotypes and connects personal/character development to the spread of the Gospel. 

Upcoming book project;

I’ll be releasing a collection of poems sometime in 2024! I’ve never considered myself a poet, but if God fills my mouth with psalms and contemplative lyrics, who am I to decline?


If I could, I would give out every book I write for free. I already do, but I would love to do this even more. With your help, I can reach the world with the words God has inspired me to write.

Your sponsorship will enable me to give out my books to those who may not be able to afford them while enabling me to cover production/marketing costs.

You can give in any preferred currency; every token is appreciated, and God will thank you for me.