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In this space, I share everything that God asks me to. But think outside of the box with me–if you’re looking for think pieces head over to the Articles category. Short stories? Head to the Short Stories category. If it’s specifically about my walk with JESUS, you want to make your bed in My JESUS diary. Poems, prayers, any way you turn, you’re sure to meet the TRUTH. ✨

  • Fasting Day 11 – The last day.

    Fasting Day 11 – The last day.

    I bring you good tidings from the Most High. I’ve had the most stressful past three days and enough reasons to send me into the stress ER. I like to think I’m getting better at holding my own. The most beautiful thing happens this afternoon, when a close friend of mine refers me to a…


  • Fasting Day 10 – Answered prayers

    Fasting Day 10 – Answered prayers

    Here before me, is all I prayed for and more. Today starts off really well, I mean as always. 😅 Something happens this morning to warm my heart; my little brother asks me to wake him up so we can pray together in the morning. I shake my head in disapproval because this is a…


  • Fasting Day 09 – A place of rest

    Fasting Day 09 – A place of rest

    Don’t you know He enjoys giving rest to those He loves? I wake up late from the fatigue of yesterday, but I feel so much better – sleep will do that for you 😉. A Bible plan my friend has invited me to reminds me of my encounter yesterday and Romans 12:10 stands out for…


  • Fasting Day 08 – Out and about

    Fasting Day 08 – Out and about

    My mind is full today. The details of yesterday night are clear in my mind when I wake up. Yesterday, a negative pattern in my behaviour was revealed to me and I was beyond shook because it never looked that way to me. The test comes almost immediately – a little disclosure: I have the…


  • Fasting Day 07 – He listens

    Fasting Day 07 – He listens

    It’s not wise to sleep in a sulky mood. But I did and now I’m waking up with fragments of a dream. I’m not saying it’s a cause and effect thing, I’m just saying you shouldn’t sleep in a sulky mood. This morning, I am moved to pick up my Bible and continue my Bible…


  • Fasting Day 06 – Busy…

    Fasting Day 06 – Busy…

    I need 20 hours per day, not 24. I hear people speak with so much conviction about how they would like some extras hours in a day; 24 hours is simply not enough. I disagree, what would I do with all that time? Today starts off so beautifully. Remember the big step I told you…


  • Fasting Day 05 – Satisfaction.

    Fasting Day 05 – Satisfaction.

    “When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied.”Psalms 17:15 Waking up to a day that God has set up for me is the first thing that makes me happy every morning when I get up. Getting to spend time with Him is something I will never get over. Today has…


  • Fasting Day 04 – Be mindful.

    Fasting Day 04 – Be mindful.

    Each day is often best enjoyed slow. I like today. I really like today. I remember hating Thursdays because in secondary school, it meant double Maths period in the morning. Favour is a big girl now. Hehe. I’m practicing mindfulness, a concept I picked up from a YouVersion plan about Turning off the noise around…


  • Fasting Day 03 – Wrong move.

    Fasting Day 03 – Wrong move.

    For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time  are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Romans 8:18 You see this Bible verse up here 👆, that’s what I’m using to hold body throughout today. I made a teeny-weeny mistake yesterday when I broke my fast by eating a…


  • Fasting Day 02 – I can do this 😉

    Fasting Day 02 – I can do this 😉

    ‘Can’t steal my… energy, energy, energy!’ The first thing I hear when I wake up is the rumble of my stomach. What sorcery. I take a minute to laugh at the devil because it cannot be me. I feel a lot more energized this morning though; after my prayers I have my bath and start…