May 2023

  • Heaven or hell?

    The existence of hell is proof of God’s cruelty? 26/05/23. Dear Cheryl, I am writing today. not to share obtained knowledge but to articulate a heaviness that thoughts alone cannot decipher. I’ve been thinking a lot about heaven and hell. I made peace with death in 2020, the Corona pandemic year. I wasn’t born-again then,…


  • I forgot my password.

    Who the hell locks a Note on their phone that already has a password + Face ID? Me. Me the hell. 02/01/23. Dear Cheryl, It’s morning. I’ve just woken up to pray and study my Bible. I pick up my phone and head to my latest worship playlist on Apple Music to pull me from…


  • Akunnaya.

    Akunnaya means ‘her father’s wealth’. 12/05/23 Cheryl, I was speaking to my dad, or rather my dad was talking to me, last week when he called me ‘Akunnaya’. I know we talk about butterflies when we fall in love or when our crush finally looks at us, but I believe I felt something bigger than…


  • I hear the song He sings over me.

    My heart has written. 05/05/23 Dear Cheryl, I wrote this… poem sometime last month. I cannot remember the exact circumstances, but while I prayed this morning, my heart remembered it again in fondness and longing. I named it ‘my heart has written’ because it is a new song from a part of my soul I…