July 2022

  • Life lately…

    July went by so fast. 31/07/22. Dearest Cheryl, One minute it was my birthday and the next, I am three hours from the breaking of the first morning in August. July has been a ride. I had the best birthday yet, but the rest of this month has been a blur; I’ll see if I […]


  • First, listen…

    I thought I was a good listener… I suck at it. 08/07/22 Dear Cheryl, The Lord has been on a roll in my life. Something wonderful happened to me yesterday. In yesterday’s entry, I told you how the Holy Spirit called my attention to the work of the larger body of Christ and my role […]


  • Look to the body…

    What would the body be, if it were only made up of eyes? Or noses? Or lips? 07/07/22 Dear Cheryl, I do not know how but it is just dawning on me that when you support the work of the people who work for God, you are also pushing the gospel in that manner and […]