I just had my “first” photoshoot and it was quite the experience!

I just had my “first” photoshoot and it was quite the experience!

The most interesting and exciting thing to happen to me in a while just did! I don’t mean I live a boring life, on the contrary, your ears would bleed if you heard about half the things that happened in my life. But chill, I got to be a model for a day! 😁

Disclaimer: You will not agree with everything you’re about to read, and that is perfectly okay.

I’ve never thought I’d ever be a model, in any way, it was just the sort of idea I romanticized and daydreamt with when I stumbled upon an amazing model’s picture on Instagram. I’d be like, “Damn I’m sure I could have pulled this off, is it not to stand like this and that?” Shior.

Lol. Call me Joker because what I experienced was far from standing like this and like that. 🤣🤣🤣

First, I get to the shoot location and the first thing I hear is the rumble of thunder. Well, excuse you? I think, looking up to the sky. Nothing will make me go back today without shooting; if it’s to stand under the rain, no problem – all na concept.

But it doesn’t rain and the stylist, my friend Elvis and the photographer, Freedom arrive at the scene. We exchange pleasantries amidst Freedom’s jokes of how he doesn’t mind the rain as long as he’s not in it – talk about a selfish photographer 😅

I change into outfit 1; it’s kind of like a track jacket and really short skirt – I think this is supposed to be a sporty but street look and I can’t help but feel a little smug at how cool I look. I strut in front of the mirror, strike a pose, walk back and strike another pose, smiling as I pause, when I hear a small thud from near my feet.

I. cannot. believe. my. eyes. Of all the days, my bag chose today to lose its handle? I bend and retrieve the handicapped accessory from the cold ground and cannot help the irritated look on my face. What to do now? I look around and call out to Elvis who bursts out laughing when he sees the state of my bag and suddenly, I start to laugh as well. Ok this is actually funny 😂

I mock eye Elvis and start to execute the solution that’s already formed in my mind. Retrieving a rubber band from within the bag, I curve the handle round the metal hoop and tie the band around it. Aha! I lift the bag like a trophy and continue my strutting.

It’s sunny out but I don’t feel the heat. Freedom is testing the lightning and I make small talk with Elvis. I act like I’m okay but deep down I’m in panic mode because I can’t seem to think up any of the poses I practised in front of my mirror. My palms feel sweaty so I swipe them across my mini skirt. Don’t let me f**k this up Lord. That wouldn’t be fair, considering I blew my trumpet so loud in Elvis’ ear (that I could do this), he almost went deaf. 🤣🤣🤣

It’s a whole of missteps before I finally get into the spirit – the first set of poses, Freedom said I moved too slow, the next one, too fast. Freedom, you might as well come possess me so you strike the poses instead, I’m pretty sure I can handle a camera 🙄

But when I do get into the spirit, it’s fabulous! It feels like my body starts to form the poses on its own, one pose transforming into another, Elvis and Freedom hyping me up and it’s so… whew! 😅 Eager to keep up the energy, I change into the next outfit when Freedom drops a bomb.

We’re climbing the roof for the next one.

Well excuse you mister. We did say to bring out your creativity but not when it may likely cause our deaths. This is the roof of a building that’s been in existence since the Nigerian Civil War if I’m not mistaken, why would I want to climb that?

“It doesn’t look strong.”
“I promise it’s strong.”
“As one of the constructors of the building or?”

Freedom laughs as he steps on a brick and hoists himself unto the roof which creaks like an old woman with rheumatism. This boy is actually serious about this roof thing. Mogbe. It takes a while (approximately 5 minutes) before I’m finally up on the roof as well, with help from Freedom, hype from Elvis and no damage to the midsection of my pants.

The view is amazing! The clouds look like I could touch them if I stretch out my Index finger a little. And it’s so blue, different hues spreading across the wide expanse of serenity. But every step on the creaking zinc brings me back to reality. I hate it here. My spirit will haunt Freedom to death if I break my neck on this roof.

But the pictures from here came out so good I want to hug Freedom tight! But I can’t, mostly because it’s one step in front of the other on this unsteady base. I’m practically moving like a snail. We’re breaking into laughter every minute from jokes ear and dear and the mood is really light. I am actually enjoying this.

I change outfits one more time and take another series of shots before we move to the location for Elvis’s shoot. It goes great as well and soon, Freedom asks that I step into the picture for this nice concept he has but then… his camera battery dies.

Whoops. It doesn’t dull our spirits in any way, considering we’ve got a whole lot of great pictures already. Freedom improvises with his phone and we’re heading back together, making jokes and catching cruise when we start to hear the patter of something familiar. We look at each other, a brief moment of confusion before recognition registers and we all take off running. We don’t make it to the nearest shade before the heavens empties its bowels on us; we’re laughing and hollering and by the time we get to the shade, I’m holding my stomach and tears – and rain – are running down Freedom’s cheeks while Elvis wants to talk but only laughter seems come through.

Amidst the cold and noise of the rain, we make plans for the next shoot because there has to be a next one considering how successful this one was! But maybe we shouldn’t count our eggs before they’re hatched, right? We part after the rain stops and I peel off my clothing and feel the fatigue bear down on me once I get back to my room. Ugh! I’ll need to sleep for about three days to recover from this outing. 😪

Here are some of my favourites:

My first photoshoot went incredibly well! Mostly thanks to Freedom, @Conceptart_photography on IG, who takes the best pictures and Elvis the stylist, @Elvisstyling_ on IG, who also happens to sell the most beautiful pearl accessories you’ve ever seen. Do check them out!

Have you had any firsts recently? How did it go? Let’s talk in the comments!

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May 2021