I don’t get it… how hard is it to put on your godd*mn nose mask on your nose?!

I don’t get it… how hard is it to put on your godd*mn nose mask on your nose?!

I resumed school recently and to be honest, I do not even get why schools got closed at all because of COVID 19. The blatant irresponsibility is glaring.

I have this friend who is an advocate against the use of nose mask and how this person is my friend, I don’t know, because I just want to knock his head anytime he utters the nonsense about the COVID 19 pandemic being a hoax and blah blah blah…


I feel like people don’t get the point of wearing the nose mask. It’s less about whether you believe there’s a virus or not and more about your social responsibility. Once you’re out there, I believe it’s your duty to wear your nose mask PROPERLY to derail the virus.

I’ve gone to the market, places where I believe you might find people you might call “illiterates,” people who insist there is no virus because nobody they know has got infected and even “insult” you for wearing a mask. It’s mighty irritating but what is more irritating is find such people among us (pun intended), people who are supposed to be “educated.”

Take a look at it this way, if indeed there is a virus (which I believe there is), then not protecting yourself is putting others in danger as well. If there’s not, well… better safe than sorry. You have nothing to lose – well, asides lack of fresh air for a while. 😅

I mean, even the Bible emphasizes respect for constituted authority so not wearing your nose mask = disobedience to God. How lovely does that sound? 😁😉

There’s one more thing I gotta get off my chwest before I leave here…

You people that believe your nose mask belongs on your chin… WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR PROBLEM??? I literally go crazy every time I see someone wearing their nose mask on their chin (I think I should be a patient at Yaba Left by now.) 😭😭😭

If you don’t wear it, I think that’s okay too. I did see somewhere that only those who have the virus should actually be wearing the mask (I don’t know how true that is though). What is NOT acceptable is you transforming your nose mask into a chin mask, what’s the function then? What is the point? I’m sure even a calculator wouldn’t be able to figure it out.

So this is me begging you to stop being an eyesore (if you’re one of those that proudly wear a chin mask). Don’t wear the mask, don’t wear anything but don’t put it on your chin please.

If you do wear a nose mask properly but need to eat or do any stuff that involves removing your nose mask, then remove it completely, fold and put on your lap or a clean surface. I did an Instagram post about it sef and you can find that here.

We’re not going to talk about those offices or institutions that put “NO NOSE MASK, NO ENTRY.” in shouty letters at the building entrance but you get inside the building and it’s filled with clowns 🤡 NOT wearing the nose mask.
Neither will we talk about those people who think it’s okay to literally drag your nose mask off your face all the name of trying to convince you that COVID is a hoax. They do deserve jail term but we will not talk about them today. Nope 😊

I know I haven’t really been online here and that is just because of school. I do have plenty stories to tell and you’ll hear all about it (as soon as I have the time to sit my ass down and actually write them).

Until then, I remain your favourite Wolf. 🐺✨
Stay happy, stay bad.

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February 2021