We all have to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

We all have to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

I used to be that person that hated being in embarrassing situations (I still do). Ah! Just kill me instead. And just like a lot of other things in life, embarrassing situations are inevitable so yes, I got in them a lot. Mostly because I was always trying to avoid them.

Disclaimer: You will not agree with everything you’re about to read, and that is perfectly okay.

In an uncomfortable situation, my normal reaction would be to frown so deeply, my brows would meet and then I’d either change the mood of everybody else by killing the vibe or I’d stomp off angry. In both situations, it did not end well for me. 

Unfortunately, there are times when we’re put in situations that we’d rather not be in – little events like when you slip and fall in public to big events like when your insecurity is brought to light as the butt of people’s jokes. 

In both situations you have to learn to smile through the pain, it will not be easy but it makes it more bearable. Let me tell you how;

When people laugh at you and you laugh at you as well, your pain decreases because now you’re loosening up and thinking, 
“C’mon, this is actually funny. Forget that the joke is on you.” 


That conditions your mind to see it from the other person’s perspective and once you do this, it hurts less because you can see why they are laughing because wait, it IS actually funny.

So yes, when other people are laughing at you JOIN THEM.

Other uncomfortable situations in life may not be a humorous situation where you can easily join in, sometimes it really gets to you and it can be quite hard to laugh. 

It is important you realize that overreacting can make things worse. I would always advise silence first but if you feel the need to “change it” for anybody, by all means do so. 

Most importantly, as a control freak I’ve realized that there are situations that will be beyond your control.
Situations where there’s pin drop silence and you’re the centre of attention (obviously not in a good way), situations where you’re about to lose it and it will not end well; situations where the joke is on you and it’s actually not funny; situations where you’d rather the floor opens and swallows you. 

Try not to lose it.

What I do is count to 10 in my head very slowly. This helps me think and rethink about my initial reaction and before you know it – mo ti calm down. 

Accept that there will always be uncomfortable situations in life and your self control will be tested severally no matter how in control you think you are.


In those kinds of situations, always pick silence first; no matter what you choose to do later – be silent so you can think about it and if you still want to go ahead then by all means do. 

Silence will help save your dignity a whole lot of times. 

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July 2020